Safari in Style 

When you go on safari, you can choose between staying at a basic place and focusing on the game drives or finding a lodge or a guesthouse that would enhance the experience.
We chose the second option. This doesn’t necessarily mean overspending, although the more designer lodges tend to be quite expensive. The biggest difference in the price of accommodation comes from the place – the ones inside the Kruger Park are generally much more expensive than the ones in the Greater Kruger.

So for that reason we decided to stay outside of the park and it was still absolutely amazing! The owner of the lodge was a retired interior designer and obviously a great one.
One of the most amazing things was the proximity of the animals – they were coming to drink water from the waterhole (it was right in front of the lobby) – and we had giraffe, zebra and antelope visitors.

We could hear the animals calling each other, especially at night. The owners were able to recognize the animals by their sounds, so they were able to “translate” for us 🙂 They also shared plenty of incredible stories of close animal encounters.
Also, after more than a year of living in Pretoria, I finally learned what the real Africaans food tastes like! It was absolutely delicious!

And here is the braai (a very special African barbecue) area – one feels like a part of an African tribe.


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